Saturday, December 20, 2008

A (minor) Christmas Miracle!

So, lo and behold, a day after I posted about my great desire for crafting, a $50 sewing machine pops up on craigslist! Awesome! After some inquiry (and agreeing to take the machine without the manual), it is mine! I went and picked it up this morning and the guy was nice enough to show me that it actually works before packing it up in the box to bring home. This is the machine I got:

And to top it all off, JoAnn's sent me, get this, FIVE 50% off coupons to be used over the next five days! (Too bad it is a one coupon per customer deal... I guess I'll just be making a lot of trips to the craft store before we head home on Wednesday!)
I think it's a sign that my desires should come to fruition (on a budget, of course). Oh, I love the holidays!

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