Monday, July 5, 2010

Updates: Posting, Bedroom, Giveaway

First of all, this is my 70th blog post! Wow! I can't believe I've posted that many so far. I am definitely trying to still figure out my "voice", but I am enjoying using some of my creativity here in a virtual space!

Secondly, I am realizing that we need a "big kid" bedroom makeover (on little to no budget, but that's just details). We have what my supervisor calls the "post-American grad student" decor: stacked plastic crates, an unpainted and fairly beat up MDF dresser, no side tables, and a ton of stuff on the floor. Part of it is due to the fact that we are renting, so we can't build extra storage space, but a lot of it is just because we don't have the additional pieces of furniture that would pull the room together.

So, this is my thought: over the next couple months, I am hoping to hit up some of the local thrift stores, the Habitat ReStore and maybe Craigslist to find some pieces of bedroom furniture. We really need another dresser (or to figure out how to better use the one we have), and I would like some bedside tables and a headboard (which I am hoping to use an old door to create). My main thought is that, even if the pieces we end up with don't match completely, I would paint them all the same color to bring some cohesiveness to the room.

Which brings me to the giveaway (although not mine!): The lovely folks over at Fashionable Academics have partnered with CSN to do a $70 giftcard giveaway! What a great opportunity to get a piece of furniture to start my bedroom redesign! You can bet that I've already entered once (and this post will serve as my second entry), but I would be excited if someone else I knew won, as well. So head on over to enter the giveaway!

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tsue said...

I'm with you!
For the price of one new wicker chair at Pier One, I've purchased 4 used wicker chairs, from various sellers on Craigslist,
Chairs $90
Re-caned the legs $25
Paint on sale $12
They look fabulous!
Now I just need to pick fabric to cover the existing cushions!

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