Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"And we're rollin'..."

I started my job search seriously in March. Being one who likes to have my life planned fairly far in advance, I figured this would be a good timeline to have a job lined up shortly after graduation at the beginning of May. I sent out resumes and cover letters, I interviewed at a conference, I had phone interviews. I even had a couple on-campus interviews and was offered a position that just was not the right fit.

Graduation rolled around and then it was "summer." No more school, just lots of time to look for and apply for jobs. I applied for more and more positions and didn't hear anything.
Three weeks ago, in a conversation with Jared on Wednesday night, I told him that I had no chance of getting an interview at UNCCH because I hadn't even been considered for other positions at less-well-known universities.

To my surprise, Thursday evening when I got home from work, I had an e-mail from UNCCH saying that the search committee would like to interview me and to call as soon as possible if I were still interested in the position. I called Friday morning and found out that they wanted me to come to campus the following week, either Thursday, Friday, or Monday of the next week. None of the days were ideal, as previous engagements prevented me from flying in the night before any of the days, but I went with Monday. So, 9 days ago, I boarded the plane at 6:50 a.m. in CMH, flew to RDU, had my interview and flew back the next day.

The search committee said they wanted to have a decision made by Friday. I was one of 10 candidates being considered for 4 positions. I felt okay about my interview; some of what I said really seemed to resonate with the search committee and other things seemed to flop. I wasn't really sure what to expect.

Friday came and went. No word. I tried not to panic or stress too much and waited out the weekend. Monday morning came. Nothing. Monday at noon Jared and I got into a big fight about the whole process. Feeling like I had just been rejected yet again, I tried to occupy myself with some cleaning and laundry.

At 2:00, the phone rang. From the beginning of the conversation, I thought I was being declined nicely. After another minute or so, though, I realized that I had been offered the job. I HAD A JOB!!

I will be an academic advisor for undecided students in the General College and for upper-class students in the division of Natural Science and Mathematics in the College of Arts & Sciences. I will have a newly renovated office and will be learning the ropes of UNCCH with three other new advisors.

They want me to start August 11.

In case you don't want to do the math, that is two weeks from when I got my phone call. We are moving three states away in less than 10 days. We are sorting through and packing up all of our belongings to load into a moving truck by next Wednesday. We found an apartment online and will be moving into it, sight unseen, a week from tomorrow.


The short timeline does not leave much room for goodbyes for local friends, unfortunately. We do have an extra bedroom in our apartment and will begin taking reservations once we get settled a bit more. :) Our plan is to come home around Christmas sometime, so perhaps some sort of reunion could happen at that point.

Thank you all for your continued prayers, well-wishes, and general good thoughts as this process continues to unfold!

North Carolina, here we come!

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