Sunday, October 26, 2008

Change We Need

This election season has been really interesting, to say the least. I basically knew that I would vote for Obama after the 2004 DNC he keynoted when the rumors started circulating that he would run in 2008. Although I voted for the losing candidate in 2004, I didn't feel like he was really the right person to lead our country (my thoughts about the current president aside).

But Obama. Wow.

I have often heard people talk about JFK's campaign and presidency and how he really just was able to boost the country's morale in a time when we needed it. And I think in many ways, we are in a situation now where we need someone else with that sort of charisma, vision, and power. The economy is terrible, we are in a war that more than half the country disagrees with, the current president has one of the lowest approval ratings, the environment is being damaged more and more... The list goes on.

I feel like Barack Obama has been able to put a voice to the concern that so many American's have not been able to express. He has identified some of the problems and given us outlines of his solutions. Granted, not everything that he has proposed in his candidacy may go through. I understand that. But at least he has given hope to people who have lost some faith in our government over the past few years.

There are discussions that record numbers of young people may vote in this election. I have heard stories of 90-100+ year old people voting for the first time in their lives because they truly believe in the message that Obama is bringing.

I think it's just a great time to be a part of this nation. Regardless of who actually wins the election, we are voting for something new. We could have the first African-American president, the oldest elected president, the first female vice-president. It's pretty spectacular to think that in the past eight years our country has developed these new ideals to actually have the opportunity for the government to more accurately portray the American people.

Whatever your political leanings, I hope you take the opportunity to share your opinion on November 4 (or earlier, if you live in a state that has early voting).

May God bless you and these United States of America.

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