Saturday, November 8, 2008

"Saturday in the park..."

Since Jared started working a lot on Saturdays, Emma and I have developed our own weekend schedules. Typically, it includes getting up early to take Jared to work, coming home for breakfast, TV and/or internet, sometimes a shower, and then the dog park.

The dog park is a really interesting place. Depending on who is there, we have a great time or we have just an okay time. Regardless of other dogs, Emma likes running around and smelling other stuff. Sometimes we go to the small dog area and other times we are better off in the big dog pen (since she weighs 30 pounds, she really could be in either). When there are Jack Russells or other dogs who like being chased in the little dog area, Emma has a blast trying to herd everyone to where she wants. With certain dogs, though, this really doesn't work out; I usually end up taking her to a different area of the park so that neither she nor I are perceived as being bullies. Part of me really just wants to tell these people that they have sissy dogs.

The big dog area has a tendency to get very tense, especially when there is a pack of male dogs around. Most of these dogs like wrestling instead of running, which Emma is not a fan of (perhaps I, too, have a sissy dog). The pet owners in the big dog area generally are not very attentive to their pets, so scuffles get out of hand pretty often, resulting in a lot of barking and snarling. Emma often tries to mediate these conflicts or at least distract one of the dogs to chase her away from the fight; while I've seen Cesar Milan talk about dogs doing this, it is still really weird to watch it actually happen.
Regardless of who is at the park, it is kind of nice for me to be able to spend a few hours outside with my pup and to get her really tired. Since we don't have a lot of space in or around our apartment for her to run around, at least she can run off some of her energy!

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