Friday, January 9, 2009

101 Update

I am a little more than a week into my 1001 days, and I actually have started a few of the things on my list! I think having a list is a great technique for me to actually get tasks done, because I really like the satisfaction of crossing things off!

#8: Call at least one friend a month to catch up. Since returning to work this week, I have talked with two friends/colleagues on the phone for at least 30 minutes! CV and I never went to school together, but we met when she interviewed for the assistantship I had at BG. She got my e-mail address from a listserv e-mail I sent and we have been communicating that way for about a month. I finally got around to talking with her on the phone about grad school, her transition, and life in general. It is funny, but if we would have ever been in the same place for a while, I'm sure we would have been good friends.

Yesterday at lunch, I called CP since I haven't talked with her since before the fall semester started. It was really nice to be able to catch up for a little bit. Perhaps she will apply for jobs in my neck of the woods like I suggested...

#15: Talk to my parents at least once a month on the phone. I'm not sure it really counts, but I called the other night to make sure that they were still planning their visit in a week!

#26: Start and finish the 100 push-up challenge. I printed out the 6 week plan and intend to do my initial test this Saturday. Sore arms, here we come!

#37: Get back in the habit of going to the dentist every 6 months. I scheduled a dentist appointment for myself yesterday. In two weeks, I am going to the dentist!

#38: Get my vision checked once a year. I also scheduled an optometrist appointment yesterday. January 23 is going to be a fun day in doctor's offices!

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Sarah said...

Ah, the dentist. How I miss him. ;) I like this idea, but #1 on my list would be "find time to make the 101 list in 1001 days", and that's as far as I'd get :)

Maybe while I'm buried in snow today I'll get to it. It's quite the winter wonderland today.

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