Saturday, January 24, 2009

I really am here...

So, clearly classes have started again and life has been a little crazy. The students returned two weeks ago, which means that I have spent a lot of time at work checking schedules, answering lots of questions about requirements, and declaring majors. Regardless of how busy I have been, I would take this over the dull days of December post-finals anyday!

My boots came in the mail a few weeks ago. Of course, as fate would have it, it hasn't rained since they came. Go figure. What it did do, though, was SNOW! We actually had at least an inch of snow on the ground on Tuesday this past week. If you don't believe me, check out this picture taken by one of my coworkers:

I didn't really believe the rumored reactions of North Carolinians in the event of snow, but now that I have experienced it, it is not far from the truth! Schools were canceling classes Monday night before the classes started. The bus I take never came Tuesday morning, so the other woman who was waiting for the bus with me offered me a ride... and we were in a fender bender on the 10 minute drive to work because a guy slid into us. Classes ended up being canceled on Tuesday afternoon and delayed on Wednesday morning. The whole atmosphere was really chaotic and slightly stressful. One would think that with so many "Yankee" transplants in this area, people would know how to handle a little snow, but apparently not.

Jared "kidnapped" me and drove me to the beach two weekends ago. He said he wanted to go to one of the outdoor stores near us and then when we passed the exit, he laughed and said, "Haha! You have been kidnapped!" We got lost, but eventually we made it. Although the water was cold, it was at least cool to be there. And no, we don't have pictures since I don't usually take a camera to the store. I definitely think that counts as our date of the month. :)


Sarah said...

I want to be kidnapped and taken to the beach! But the nearest beach for me is Lake Erie, and Lake Erie in January isn't exactly a walk-on-the-beach kind of lakefront. *sigh* Brandon keeps talking about moving south - maybe we'll be the next transplant to North Carolina...

Beki said...

Yep, it's true. Mike always had a little script for those rain/snow moments: "Oh my God!!!! There's stuff falling from the sky!!!! Everybody drive like a retard!!!!" Or something to that effect.

My mom's school got canceled today. It's barely even snowing, like 12 inches or something. Wussies.

And I am NOT moving back down there no matter how many of you do!!!

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