Wednesday, March 11, 2009

So little to do, so much time... wait, reverse that...

I think this recurring hiatus is why I stopped blogging a while back. I have all sorts of ideas of things that I want to write about, but I don't usually have time to write anything while I am at work (nor should I really be spending my work time updating my blog anyway), and once I get home, I just want to veg and not do anything.

I will try to do better than a once-a-month update, but in my defense, February was a short month!

Since I haven't updated everyone on the status of my 101 things in 1001 days, here it is:

#2: Seeing as how February is the month for at least one date, I can check this one off my list. For Valentine's day, we actually celebrated mostly on the 13th. Jared picked me up from work, we went out to dinner, then got some yummy gelato at Sugarland and then went to see the planetarium show at the Morehead. It was pretty cool. On the actual Valentine's day, Jared worked until the afternoon, so I went out to brunch and a movie with some of my friends from work, and then came home to make Jared and I a tasty dinner.

#10: We got together for dinner with my cousin and her husband who live nearby, and my other cousin and her kids who were down visiting for the week! I really like living close to family. This weekend I am heading to PA for another cousin's wedding and am driving up there with my aunt and uncle who live about an hour from us. It should be some great family fun.

#15: This one maybe shouldn't have even ended up on the list because I talk to my parents fairly often. Oh well, I still like being able to make that check mark!

#16: I didn't call my brother in January or February, but I did give him a call the other day. Since he isn't exactly a wordsmith, our conversation was short, but we at least got to talk a bit.

#17: I sent a birthday card to one of my co-workers from BGSU. (I sent it to her office at work... hopefully she got it!)

#72: Pay off credit card -- partially. Jared officially paid the last on his credit card on February 27! Now we will double the payments that we have been making on my card and hopefully have it done by the end of the year! After watching "Maxed Out" a few weeks ago, I at least feel really good knowing that we are far below the national average of credit card debt for our household.

#96: Get a live plant for my office -- DONE! Thanks to the generosity of one of my co-workers, I inherited a zebra plant that is doing quite well in my window. I probably need to re-pot it and give its long branches some support, but I will get there.

This last one is probably the most exciting:

#79: Find a house to rent -- DONE! We will be moving out of our apartment in July and into a cute 2-story 2 bedroom house. We signed a lease for two years, so we won't have to move again for a while after moving in. After that two years is up, who knows what we will be doing, but at least we have a roof over our heads for a few more years!


Derek French said...

Thanks for the updated blog. That's awesome about finding a house. Too bad I had to find out about it on here with the rest of the world...I thought I was special!

Anyway, congrats and get my room ready for me!

Sarah said...

How fun that you found a house to rent! Maybe when we are in North Carolina for vacation this summer, we can stop on the way down. We will be down there July 4-11.

Blogging at work is a hard temptation to avoid, I think.

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