Sunday, February 15, 2009

25 things about me

I have been tagged enough by people on Facebook to do this, so I guess I finally will. (Plus it's not like I've been updating here on a regular basis anyway, so I may as well write something!)

1) I really like to be in control of myself. This is partly why I've never been drunk, hate roller coasters, and don't enjoy gambling.

2) I really would like to get another dog. Not a "matchy-matchy" dog, but one that pairs well with Emma.

3) I want to have kids. 2 or 4 probably, not 3 (so there isn't a middle child) unless we had twins.

4) I am trying not to use a lot of my vacation and sick days so I can build up time for maternity leave, even though we aren't planning to have kids for at least a few more years.

5) I cannot wait to have a house of our own. I would really like to paint walls and have built-in bookshelves.

6) While I cannot wait to have a house, I pretty much hate housework. I try to blame our dog for our house being messy, but it really is mostly my fault.

7) A boy in my 5th grade class called me "Sarah the Sumo" almost every day when I would walk home. I still think about that when I'm having a "fat" day.

8) There are very few things that I miss about being in Ohio. I thought moving away from home would be harder than this.

9) At the same time, I would love to get a job at one of several colleges or universities in Ohio later in my career.

10) I have mixed feelings about going back to get my PhD. Some days I think I would love to get back in the classroom learning and have the option of teaching in a grad prep program. Other days I don't really want to have a job that would require me to have a PhD.

11) I go to bed at or before 10:00 p.m. almost every night. I have a really hard time staying up past then.

12) Since we moved, I have been asked on at least 5 occassions if I am more than 21 years old. Apparently I look quite a few years younger than the 25 that I will be turning at the end of March.

13) My summer jobs in Gahanna gave me a love of horticulture. I sometimes find myself missing being able to landscape and prune shrubs/bushes/trees and getting my hands really dirty.

14) I feel like a black sheep in my husband's family because very few of them have even been to college and I have a Master's degree. And I made Jared move out of Ohio.

15) I don't really think that my family understands what I do.

16) My faith was really strong when I was in college because I was surrounded by other people who had really strong faith. Now that I haven't been actively involved in a church for quite a while and have been out of a community of faith, I feel like I am back at square one.

17) I really miss singing in a choir.

18) I enjoy riding the bus to work every day. It is so nice to not have to worry about driving, parking, or gas prices.

19) I have pretty much completely separated myself from who I was in high school. This matter is exhibited by the fact that I only invited two friends from high school to my wedding.

20) I used to write poetry on a pretty regular basis. I had a couple of my poems published in the Ashland Poetry Press yearly magazine.

21) I hate running, but would really like to finish a 5K before I turn 30.

22) I wish my brother and I were a lot closer than we are. When we were in high school we were pretty close. I feel a little guilty for being at college when he was dealing with some tough issues.

23) I think about my friends and family a lot more often than I actually pick up the phone or a pen to let them know I was thinking about them.

24) I am glad that I work in a place with quite a few people my age and that we are starting to hang out a bit outside of work. I feel bad that Jared doesn't have any real friends down here.

25) I am the luckiest girl in the world because Jared is the best husband I could have ever prayed for. He cooks, cleans, lets me sleep in, makes me laugh all the time, and moved to NC for me. I probably don't tell him enough that I love him, but I hope he knows it.


Sarah said...

Great list, Sarah -- I feel the same about moving to Ashland, except we're only an hour from his friends and family! We all go through phases in our relationship with the Lord, too. I just came out of the return-to-square-one phase.

Derek French said...

Ummm....You need to post something new. I keep coming back to check and it is the same post. Come on Sarah!

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