Sunday, June 7, 2009

I guess I thought this would just happen automatically...

FYI ladies who have gotten married and changed your last name: You actually need to contact the credit reporting agencies to change your name on your credit reports. And actually, if you request a credit report under your new name, it says that they can't find you. Yikes!

For more information, and a form letter to send to the big 3 credit agencies, check out this article:
I guess after 2 years, there are still people I have to tell about my name change!

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Beki said...

Really? I think mine was changed automatically at some point. When we were looking for houses the bank guy didn't have a problem finding me. Weird.

I never did change my name on some things like my school loans. We only recently confirmed that we actually did get legally married. We're taking it slow.

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