Friday, March 12, 2010


So, I have been working on a few small craft projects recently. I made a few more of the ribbon necklaces like I posted about before and gave them to a couple of my co-workers.

I also followed A's DIY tutorial over at to create an embellished t-shirt for spring. I got the base shirt for about $10 at Target and cut up an old tank top that didn't really fit anymore (and was practically the exact same color) for the flowers. The flowers are about 3 different sizes and I attached 5 total, working from smallest by my shoulder to largest at the bottom. The shirt was definitely a departure from my general wardrobe, but the shirt was the perfect pop of spring on a rainy Friday at work! Perhaps I will add some more fun embellishments to some other t-shirts for this spring...

It has been fun to stretch my creative and artistic side a bit more recently (especially when I spend most of my work days doing very similar tasks). We'll see what fun project I come up with next! I did pick up some canvases to potentially make some art for my office walls...

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