Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dear body...

Dear body,

We have got to get this under control. Time to stop eating junk and actually get out for some exercise. Maybe even start running like we have said we would for years (even if I say I hate it). We need to buy work pants for fall and I refuse to get a size larger. We have a selection of skirts in the closet that don't fit, and that is ridiculous. Get back to a place where you can wear them!

Most of all, stop making excuses for why we aren't working out or eating better. No one else really cares what we look like, but we have got to be comfortable in our own skin.

Yours truly,


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Jess Constable said...

Loved reading this letter! I feel the same time more often than I'd like to. It always seems like 'I've got this under control for the rest of my life.' Only to find three weeks later I've slid back to where I started.

Here's for making small, but steady lifestyle changes!

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