Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Although Justin Bieber* would tell me differently...

 As part of a month long challenge to blog daily, I am joining some honest, funny, and real women in #reverbbroads11. Day 6: List 10 things you would never do. 

In no particular order, and with varying levels of seriousness, I present my list of 10 things I will NEVER do.

10. Be in Guinness Book of World Records for longest fingernails. (It's too gross to even post a picture!)
9. Swim the English Channel. (It is cold and I'm not that great a swimmer!)
8.  Get any additional piercings. (One hole in each ear is plenty for me.)
7. Participate in a casino heist a la Ocean's Eleven. (That is one good looking group of people, though!)
6. Run for political office. People are mean and will look for every reason to smear you. I'm not thick-skinned enough to handle that.
5. Stand in line for midnight madness or early-bird specials on Black Friday. I can't think of anything that I would want that badly to forgo sleep over.
4. Become a crazy cat lady. Enough said.
3. Be ungrateful for my health. There are so many people who are dealing with outrageous medical bills, terminal diagnoses, and daily pain.
2. Stop being thankful for my loving husband. He is my best friend. He is loyal, hilarious, creative, and my perfect other half.

1. Take my family for granted. I would not trade these 90+ people for anything! It is amazing that we can all get together and have so much fun together. I am blessed that I have so many great relatives who have become friends over the years. (Video courtesy of my dad from our Winter 2009 family gathering at Virgina Beach, VA.)

*lame nod to "Never Say Never" by the Biebs. Add that to my list: I will never see that movie!

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Anonymous said...

Love, love, love all of them, but especially #5. Right there with you, sister.

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