Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Better than most...

#reverbbroads11 prompt for day 13 from Catie at http://catiecake.wordpress.com/ : What are three things you are better at than most people?
  1. Solving Sudoku puzzles. Perhaps it is because I was a math major and I enjoy puzzles, patterns, and logic, but I am pretty darn good at solving Sudoku puzzles. I especially love the "Samurai" Sudokus like this:
2. Making people feel like they matter. My top strength from StrengthsQuest is Relator, which essentially means that I love being around people who mean a lot to me. One of the ways that Twitter has changed my experience at professional conferences is that I have an opportunity to build relationships before the conference, that way, when we meet IRL (in real life), it already feels like I know you! I'm not one for much small talk, so already having a relationship formed allows me to start conversations about more meaningful topics and learn more details about you
3. Avoiding the mall. Seriously, I have a huge aversion to shopping in stores. I dislike the hustle & bustle. I don't like how every store sizes their clothes differently so you have to try everything on. People drive crazily in the parking lots. I think part of the problem is that I usually have some idea of what I want, and if I can't find it in a store (or if they don't have my size left in stock in the store), I get frustrated. Online shopping is a much better choice for me.

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